Keynote Speaking Services

“Words don’t have power”

Charlie has put countless hours into a packed hour session of release work, teaching how to focus on their emotional state. He teaches how to overcome the bad behaviors in your life and to get out of a negative state. He uses many different techniques and tactics to make an immediate impact in their lives.

Parenting Seminars!

“Free Your Beliefs”

Charlie has invested countless hours and money in creating one of the top parenting seminars to teach parents to release their negative trauma’s in their lives, while given them the skills they need to build a rapport and better communicate with their children. They will also receive the skills they need to help their children to overcome the issues that they are dealing with.

Individual Coaching Sessions

“Unlock Your Potential”

This program is for on-going support for the entire family. There will be weekly meetings for both the child as well as the parents to keep moving the family members in the right direction and have them continue receiving weekly support. These meetings will continue with group support as well as have guest speakers. This program is designed to get maximum efficiency out of all participants, so they will feel supported at every level while dealing with their issues. This program will help teach kids a better aptitude for “growth” mindset.

Words Don't Have Power
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